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Standardize Your Email Signature Templates for Better Client Relations

Standardize Your Email Signature Templates for Better Client Relations

In the corporate culture, it’s important to set guidelines for assoicates in terms of just how personalized their electronic communications should be. Here are three examples of why email signature templates, for example, are key to your company’s successful communications:


Building relationships

Customers like familiarity. Knowing that they’ll see the same basic contact information no matter who they’re hearing from in your company only reinforces that feeling of comfort and familiarity.

Seeing vastly different email signature templates from different associates, however, is enough to set anyone off-kilter. It calls into question the level of professionalism existing in that organization.

Using the company’s social media links reinforces a strong relationship, giving customers the opportunity to connect with the company on various platforms.

With so many aspects of life in a state of flux, the use of email signature templates reinforces a company’s level of professionalism and its commitment to extending a consistent brand across all forms of media and communication.

Such dedication to high standards can only translate into customer reassurance and, therefore, loyalty.

Brand consistency

Developing a consistent email branding strategy is crucial for companies with satellite offices. Large insurance companies, for example, can consist of many smaller offices scattered across the country.

Each office should do its best to maintain your corporate brand. It won’t do for each office’s agents to use different email eStationery with different layouts, fonts and sizes. Email signature templates reinforce your brand’s image no matter where the physical offices are located.

Techniques such as this also reinforce the fact that a smaller office falls under a larger umbrella – ideally, one which is trusted by the public. It’s in a smaller satellite office’s best interest to align itself as closely as possible with this bigger name.

Your company templates go a long way toward reminding customers that while they’re doing face-to-face business with a smaller office, they’re really working with that larger company which has such a good track record.

Corporate compliance

Using email signature templates is a matter of best practices. If there is a standard set by your corporate offices which states that only certain pieces of information can or should be shared in email signatures, that only select verbiage can be used, etc…, it’s best to design a template which can be used across the corporation in order to enforce this standard.


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