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Email Branding in 5 Steps

Email Branding in 5 Steps

Email branding is something your business is currently doing whether you realize it or not. Every time an employee sends out an email to a prospect, client, or vendor, they are representing your business. Can you say with 100% confidence that your business if portrayed exactly how it should be with every email that goes out? If not, now is the perfect time to take control of that.

What exactly is email branding? Email branding is an affordable marketing solution that markets your company within every email that leaves your business. When done correctly it has the ability to strengthen business relationships, grow your social network reach, and increase your website traffic!


Achieve a positive email branding strategy with these 5 steps:

  • Be consistent
In order to create a recognizable brand, you must have recognizable traits. For example, match your emails and stationary to your logo and website with the same color scheme and fonts. This establishes brand recognition and displays professionalism.
  • Market where possible
Every email sent from your company is a marketing opportunity. Make sure to include your website address and any other links you would like to drive traffic to.
  • Introduce yourself with a picture
Odds are your customers receive a large amount of emails on a regular basis. Set yourself apart with customer service that goes a step further and include a profile picture in your email signature. Contacts always appreciate the ability to put a face with a name.
  • Do not hide
Provide customers with more than simply an email address and a name at the closing of your emails. This includes a website address, at least one phone number, a fax number, and any other means of communication your company uses. It is important for customers to know that you are available for them and easy to contact should they need to.
  • Get social
Include your social profiles in your email signatures. Social media is an excellent way to market not only yourself but your company as well. Provide links to these profiles to make it easy for people to follow or connect with you.
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