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3 Key Elements to Unleash the Power of Your Email!

3 Key Elements to Unleash the Power of Your Email!


Unlocking the Power of Email

Supercharge your black and white bland emails and transform them into your best sales and marketing tools. Your email is ready for a makeover from ‘electronic documentation transmission’ to ‘traveling interactive website’. In the fast moving, techno society we live in today, here are three key elements to unlock the power of email:


Your email doesn’t need to be overlooked black and white text anymore. The world has not only gone social, but interactive too. Give your email recipient an experience by incorporating hyperlinks, photos, maps, and even calculator tools.

Include at least one, and no more than two of your most active social profiles. For business oriented organizations, Twitter and LinkedIn are recommendable. More social companies may want to go with Twitter and Facebook.


Who doesn’t want to receive a smiling face in their email? Adding high quality images to your email signature improves overall aesthetics and instantly grabs the attention of the reader. Remember that an picture is worth a thousand words and that our brains find interpreting images far easier than interpreting words.

Combining your photo with a professionally designed email template is a great way to stand out and get noticed.


Repetition is everything when it comes to branding. A large majority of people can recognize the marketing giants logos by the age of three. Make your brand match your website/logo with your brands font and colors so that everything is uniform. Let the customer instantly associate your emails with your company just by seeing your colors.

Have you ever wondered how the successful brands do their marketing?

Take a look their marketing materials – right from their banners lining the streets to corporate signature lines at the bottom of emails; they have the same font, same colors, and same everything. Just a glance and you know it’s from company X.

Expand your reach

If you thought you got too many email today, just wait… Worldwide, email users are expected to increase up to 2.9 billion people by 2019! Based upon the email statistics from Radicati, the average business user will receive 96 emails per day.

Let’s do some quick math … You have 15 employees in sales, marketing, or customer service roles that send 50 emails per day to prospects or customers. That is 750 emails daily and nearly 230,000 annually! Why not take advantage of it?

Make your email work for you and unleash the power. Have a FREE traveling website in every email with an interactive experience that drives business back.

Ready to See the Power of Email?

Brand My Email creates custom email signatures that unlock the power of your email. Contact us today to see how your email can deliver better results than ever before.

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