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3 Essentials to Create a Powerful Corporate Email Signature

3 Essentials to Create a Powerful Corporate Email Signature

The perfect email signature (also known as a sig line) is the gateway to cost-effective, authentic marketing.

Not only does it save you costs with every click but they allow you to confidently pass the message across, touching the hearts of customers as well as prospects now and again without breaking the bank. If designed correctly, email signatures can project a sense of professionalism making it easy to steadily build your online presence.

3 Essentials of a powerful corporate email signature

  • Great photo

Adding high quality images to your corporate email signature improves overall aesthetics and instantly grabs the attention of the reader. Remember that an image is worth a thousand words and that our brains find interpreting images far easier than interpreting words.

However, consider the sizes of images and keep in mind that different browsers and devices render images differently. For this reason, it would be advisable to include “alt text” for every image sent so that for browsers that can’t properly display the image, the “alt text” will be displayed instead.


  • Social information

The world has gone social and so must your sig lines. You’d be doing a disservice to your business or organization if you failed to leave your social information on every sig line. Include at least one, and no more than two of your most active social profiles.

For business oriented organizations, Twitter and LinkedIn are recommendable. More social companies may want to go with Twitter and Facebook.

  • Uniformity

Match your website/logo with brand font and colors so that everything is uniform. Let the customer instantly associate your emails with your company just by looking at your colors.

Have you ever wondered how the successful brands do their marketing? Take a look their marketing materials right from banners lining up the streets to simple sig lines at the bottom of emails; they have the same font, same colors, and same everything. Just one one look and you know it’s from company X.


If you have 15 employees in the organization and each sends 30 emails every working day. In a year that’s well over 100,000 emails sent from the company. Surely you’d want to impose some authority on each email.

You’d want recipients to immediately associate each email with your organization. That’s exactly what a corporate signature does – it tells clients that the email is from YOU.

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