Choose the Email Branding that is Right for You.

We make it easy to manage your email signature branding. Choose the right plan to match your growing needs. Manage your business email image, take control of your email branding, and save time and money. Our custom web based email signature software is compatible with every email platform, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Office 365.  The professional look and feel of our Email Signatures are a virtual handshake to your customers.


Customized to fit your brand.
YOUR NAME. Your name is important, tell people who you are!
YOUR TITLE. It’s nice to know who’s reaching out and why.
LOGO. A logo is one of the first things a customer will recognize! Many customization options are available for you to mix and match so you can optimize your brand’s impact.
PERSONAL PHOTO. Your photo can be displayed in every email you send! Customization options are available for you to mix and match so you can optimize your brand’s impact.
ADDRESS. Tell your clients where you are located.
PRIMARY PHONE NUMBER. List your  main number for your clients to reach you with ease.
FAX NUMBER. An easy access to your company’s fax number.
MAP & DIRECTIONS. This link will connect to a street map of your business. Customers can plot directions to your office and use their mobile device for visual or audio GPS navigation.
SOCIAL MEDIA BAR. Links to social media sites you use in your marketing: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Flickr, etc…
eSignature Example


Unlimited Blanket Coverage Support

Also included is the Unlimited Blanket Coverage support plan that gives you FREE unlimited personnel changes and edits. As your business grows and changes, your email signatures are changed to ensure your email branding and sales tools are up to date.

This Cost effective plan ranges from $29-$49 per month depending on how many licensees your business requires.

You’ll receive:

• FREE Email Signatures for replacement team members (personnel changes/swaps of lifetime licenses).
• FREE Email Signature edits, such as photo changes, name changes, title changes, etc.
• FREE Email Signature upgrades and new features.
• NOTE: This support plan does not create new email signatures for expansion team members.

Monthly Pricing


Personalize your email with custom upgrades!
  1. First Name Signature
  2. Licence/Certification Number(s)
  3. Email Link
  4. Slogan/Tagline
  5. Additional Address
  6. Additional Contact Number(s)
  7. Languages: [List of Languages]
  8. Calculator Link(s)
  9. Website Link(s)
  10. Bio Link
  11. Map & Directions Link
  12. Login Link
  13. Review Link(s)
  14. Additional Social Media Link(s)

Options will vary in style and positioning depending on which eSignature style is chosen.


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*Depending on what email platform you have, all software features and benefits may not be available.
Please refer to the pricing guides for specifications.

Ready to have custom email signature branding handmade and tailored to your business?

What are the benefits of using Brand My Email?

Unlimited email branding increases visibility, creating fully engaged customers.  Clients are one-click away, from maps, web links, and social media.  Your branded email is a way to create brand ambassadors of all users, increasing your brand awareness and ensuring corporate branding standards.

What is the design turn around time for my branded email?

Design times vary depending on what product you order and how fast you get your information to us.  Once we have all your information it can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks if we get approval quickly.  If there are edits the process can take a little longer.

How do email signatures work?

Your eSignature and eStationery will be installed on the email platform you use by you.  We will provide step-by-step instruction so that you may install with ease.  We also have personnel standing by to help you should you need a bit of hand holding.  Our team is well equipped to walk you through the process.

Are Brand My Message emails designs under copyright?

Every design we create is protected under general copyright laws. This means that nobody else can copy or replicate the design and use it in their emails or products in any way. Should you come across a similar design, please let us know.

What type of payment do you accept?

Credit card payments paid via Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover are accepted at the time a quote is approved for a design order.

What is the process for ordering?

1.  Choose your customized package and request quote.
2.  Receive and review a quote based on chosen package and options.
3.  Send approval of quote to
4.  Credit card is submitted and charged.
4.  Receive questionnaire, fill out the information and return to
5.  Design Center creates proof for review.
6.  Receive proof, make any changes needed and approve. Edits may be submitted and corrected at this time and re-proofed.
7.  Once proof is approved, final design is created.
8.  Final files are sent to you along with the installation manual.
9.  Your email is branded!


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