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Question: What’s the Best Email Signature for Insurance Agents?

Question: What’s the Best Email Signature for Insurance Agents?

As an insurance agent, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into your agency’s signage, advertising, and other marketing tools. But you may have not put much effort into your email signature – a vital marketing tool you utilize multiple times a day.

The best email signature has the following seven components:

1. Same Color Scheme as the insurance company brand

This helps create brand alignment with your company in an easily recognizable, consistent way. It helps further reinforce ties between your individual agency and the insurance company.


2. Agency Banner that matches the corporate colors and brand

This eye-catching banner further links your agency with the company in your clients’ minds, giving your agency added credibility. It makes it clear which company you’re associated with and elevates your agency’s image. It also helps make you compliant with corporate specifications.

3. Image of the Sender

Including your picture, as part of your email signature helps personalize your message and create a personal connection with the recipient. It also helps to further identify you, with your agency. Personalizing each staff member or team mate increases your agency’s bonding with your customers as the staff usually sends the vast majority of emails.

4. Sender’s First name actual signature

Instead of just typing your name in a generic font; using a digital image of your first name signature will have the look of professionalism. This creates a connection with the recipient, making your email much more personalized and likely to be read and remembered.

5. All direct contact information

Make it as easy as possible for your email recipients to get in touch with your or your agency. Include phone and fax numbers, and if you want to share a cell phone number that you use for business, you can also include it.

6. Social media buttons and links

This gives you an opportunity to promote your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media accounts that can give clients or prospective clients more information about your agency, insurance products offered, and more. A client may not seek out your social media accounts on his or her own but is much more likely to do so if all it takes is one click from your email.

7. Clean design and layout and easy to read

This makes your email eStationery attractive and pleasing to look at. The design and layoutdraw attention in a positive way and highlight your information in a way that makes it easy to read and act on.

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