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The Top Elements You Need to Make a Winning Email Signature

The Top Elements You Need to Make a Winning Email Signature

Think outside of the “old, last century” box by not limiting your email signature to a lines of text at the bottom of your email message. An email signature should be an extension of your carefully crafted sales and marketing image of you and your business.

It’s important to add full email signatures in every email sent by your company, since it creates an opportunity to promote your business brand or marketing message?

For each individual user, their email signature should provide the following elements:happylady

  • A banner with logo. A clean and professional looking banner with a logo will contain a strong marketing slogan.
  • Your headshot photo. A professional looking picture communicates so much to the client concerning the business and a good personal impression.
  • The contact name. Clients will appreciate when they use a name to address to emails as well as when they make a call to your business. They want to know they are calling the right person
  • The company name. When clients call you, they want to know they are calling the right place.
  • Your company’s mailing address and telephone. A client may require sending mail to the company through the traditional mail or call to the company.
  • The company email address and website. Clients want to visit the company website for knowledge on your products or will contact you via the email.
  • Hand written signature. Nothing personalizes a letter or proposal to a customer like a digitized copy of your first name signature.
  • Social media buttons. Numerous studies show that utilization of social media builds brand loyalty for your product and services. People who read good comments about a product will get more interested to know about the business and the product they offer which in turn will lead to more sales.

To market your business effectively, it is important to include an email signature in every form of communication you make. This could be in newsletters, websites, and advertisements and testimonials given to other businesses.

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