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Anatomy of a Killer Email

Anatomy of a Killer Email

The average office worker is in contact with roughly 121 emails a day. This is a crazy amount! How are you supposed to make sure yours does not get lost in the shuffle?

Create a killer email. Produce an irresistible piece of information that appeals to your target audience. This could be anything from introducing a new product or service to introducing clients to a new staff member.

You also need your email to be more than just a subject line and a few paragraphs in the body. A truly effective email is made up of several additional parts. Below is an explanation of these parts, as well as how to best use them in your next email.


“From” Label: This label is important because readers use it to decide whether they are going to open the email. A good idea is to use as this helps readers identify with both the business, and perhaps their individual contact.

Subject Line: Along with the from label, the subject line is a deciding factor for if your email will be opened. It is the second thing that readers see. Try to use a descriptive yet appealing title that will grab your reader’s attention.

Pre-header: This is the information in an email that follows the subject line. If there is not a pre-header designated, oftentimes the first line of the email is used. Take a minute to assess whether or not this is enticing enough to make the recipient want to read more.

Body Content: Here is where you want to deliver your message. The key is to write with a purpose. Is this email mean to be informative, promote a product or explain a how-to? Be sure to provide some type of value to your reader, otherwise your open rate will drop dramatically with your next email.

Links: Are there any pages on your website that could expand upon your email topic? Share them with your readers!

Call to Actions: This is where you explain to your readers what you would like them to do next. Are you offering them a free download? Do you want them to call your office? Include a button that clearly states what you would like them to do.

Signature: You guessed it! No email would be complete without a branded email signature by yours truly. The end of a great email should include a branded signature, complete with all of your contact information, picture and social profile links. We can help with that!

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