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Marketing… Put Your Hard Earned Money to Good Use

Marketing… Put Your Hard Earned Money to Good Use

by Heidi Springstube

Why are you wasting money on a billboard, hoping someone glances at it?

Why are you putting money into direct-mail cards when all they do is help start that summer campfire?

Do you have email? I’m willing to bet you do! According to statistics taken in 2014, there are 3,035,749,340 people who use the internet on our planet. That’s 42% of the world population! Do you think that billboard or direct mail card would have any sort of chance reaching a fraction of those people? What about email? I’m betting your nodding your head about now as you see me reach my point.

The range of email is limitless. Therefore, it’s almost a no-brainer to advertise using your email. Where one email going out from your company is good, what about everyone in your company advertising, for you? Every email that is being sent stamped with your brand, specially tailored to you and your company’s image. Company compliancy issues would disappear as well as the headaches that go with them. All of your email would be standardized, and all of your company can use it.

Let me introduce you to our company…


What we do and Who we are

At Brand My Message we start out by having a chat with the CEO or President, Vice President, maybe a Sales or Marketing Executive for your company, and find out what we can do to help you. You let us know what you are looking for and looking to do with your email and your image, and we reflect that into your eStationery. We put YOU into your email using photos, personal first name signatures, company information, social media site links, review links, logos… it’s all fully customized to what you would like all the way down to the colors. Our design team work to make beautifully functional email templates that put your information at your customers fingertips. Once created, your eStationery gets installed on your computer and is set up so that when you click new message, your email template pops up. You add your body text and send. Voila! Branded email sent to your customers.

Who are our clients

We have confidentiality agreements with most of our clients. What I can tell you is that we work with a few Fortune 50 Companies all the way down to one person start ups! That alone has to be credit enough! We’ve put together some eStationery for a few different markets: Financial, Insurance, Real Estate, Non Profit Support, Medical, Transportation, and the list continues to grow everyday! It’s SO exciting to take on new clients, as we have a clean slate to creativity and a new bond is formed. Our most common clients come to us as referrals, and we do offer a 5% referral reward! As of right now, most of our customers are currently in the United States, as we haven’t made any across the world yet, but we hope to get there!

Where are we located

Often times, we are on the phone with a customer assisting with an install, getting information, or talking about our product when we get that infamous question. “You have an accent, where are you all located?” Although many people that have an accent do not admit to it, we are in Wisconsin. Though we are not 100% Yooper, we do have an oddball in the mix with our CEO being from Missouri originally. We are located in the small city of Two Rivers right on the shores of Lake Michigan, located in the Central Time Zone.

What do we cost

Cost is based on either a ONE time fee or a monthly subscription fee! That’s right, no gimmicks, no hidden fees or charges, the only time you pay any additional money is if you’d like some changes made to your eStationery that aren’t covered under your one year warranty! If you are a first time customer, you may have a graphic charge for some specialized work done to your eStationery files. We also have some academic classes we’ve put together to assist in building templates to ease sending mass mailings out!

Where do I contact someone?

You can visit our website Contact Us Page or give us a call at 888.736.0165 and talk to one of our Sales Representatives today!

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