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3 Departments That NEED to Promote Using Emailing Signatures

3 Departments That NEED to Promote Using Emailing Signatures

Email is not going anywhere. It remains the most popular means of communication for businesses both within the company and when contacting customers. This is why it is important to look at every email as an opportunity to increase your brand’s reach.

Your email signature is your last impression, but it should not be the last interaction your recipient has with your company. In this post, we will outline the 3 main departments in your company that need to be promoting content simply utilizing their email signature.

Your Marketing Department

Social media, flyers, billboards etc., no matter what the avenue, your marketers are working to engage customers with your brand. They are creating various forms of content that will draw in potential customers and then sharing it using the various marketing channels. However, one channel that is frequently overlooked is email.

Email signatures are a GREAT way to share your company’s marketing materials. Use your signature to include links to a recently published ebook or blog. Include information about an upcoming tradeshow or event you are attending. Update your signature with your current specials. With every email that goes out you are creating a new opportunity for engagement.

Your Sales Department

Your sales department’s primary objective is to help customers understand the value of your product. An email signature is a great way to gently guide potential customers further along through the sales process. Links that send customers to a demo request form or even include a specific product video are helpful and customers generally appreciate the non-aggressive “push.” We have seen many successful email signatures that also include an easy to use ROI Calculator for prospective customers. The possibilities are endless!

Your Customer Service Department

Aside from a great product or service, your customer service department is that team that will really reinforce your value to your customers. Once a sale has been made, this is generally the department that will spend the most time interacting with your customers. You do not want to miss a single email opportunity. The email signature is the perfect place to include any pertinent support and service contact information and numbers, as well as the latest information on new products. Another great idea is to include a referral link in your signature.

Other departments in your company would also benefit from an email signature. This would be a perfect opportunity for an HR department to share available job postings. Managers and CEO’s could share articles regarding the latest partnerships or company news to all of their contacts.

Odds are your company has great content that would be beneficial to your current and potential customers. Consider any white papers, company news and achievements or press releases; these are all items that could easily be shared and increase your brand awareness.

Interested to see how an email signature can increase your brand’s exposure? Call and talk to one of our specialists today!

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