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You Need Email Branding Right Now… and Here’s Why

You Need Email Branding Right Now… and Here’s Why

By Heidi Springstube


I’m going to start this off with a simple question:

Does everyone who has an email experience with you visit your website first?

If you said no, you are correct! Many professionals are contacted through an email from a new customer. They may have heard about you through a referral from a friend or colleague of theirs. Often times, an email address might be passed along to a customer as a referral. They reach out to you without any thought of researching you on the internet. The first impression you present to the potential customer then transforms into a HUGE selling point for you and your company.  It’s a communication tool that can drive traffic to your company brand and your website. An email is more than just a single communication sent between a sender and recipient – it can turn into a network when that email is forwarded to the right people.

Technology is Taking Over the Business World

I, for one, am a technology person. People love to experience something new and inventive and your marketing shouldn’t be anything less than impressive. This rings true especially to someone trying to improve their client to customer relations!  The trend has spoken. Email branding is happening now and is climbing the market. You WANT to stand out in that crowd of financial or insurance agents. With the masses of real estate agents out there, you should be that one face the public remembers.  The sales and marketing impact that something as simple as an email can bring to a business is indispensable.  With the click of a Send button, you can send a virtual billboard for your company to thousands of people…at a fraction of the costs large companies pay. The catch is, you have to do it the right way!

Take Advantage of Your Emails

Your email should speak to your customer and tell them where to go and why.  It should be set up in a manner where it gives your clients all the essential information they need – packaged in a neat and tidy format. It should catch your customer’s eye by being attractive and visually appealing.  You can play to the emotional needs of a customer with the content while branding your email to match your website so everything is seamless and orderly.  When a prospect visits your website from that linked email they just received, it’ll be a smooth transition from email to website which will help build that client trust needed to close the sale.

The Follow-up

I get emails all the time from my insurance company, banks, etc.  I’m already a customer, so they have the hooks in me.  A branded email, with a familiar face on it, just adds that extra touch of life to the message they are trying to deliver.  It’s a reminder that they are there for me when I need to reach out.  Business executives are real people, who care about me, the customer, and the value that I bring to the company they represent.  It’s a constant reminder, once, maybe twice a month, that I look forward to getting – whether it be a reminder to pay a bill or maybe a special they may be having.

A New Journey Begins with a First Step

In closing, you have the opportunity to do something innovative and jump ahead of your competition.  Whether you are a small business owner or a corporate executive, email branding is a way to tie all the elements of your company together. It’s a proven fact that customers relate better and reach out more often to a branded email message because they get sucked into the email.  It stands out in the dozens of emails they receive a day.  Your face smiling back at them or logo shining through creates an imprint on them that they will remember. The clicks then turn into phone calls, and they start to reach out. What are you waiting for? It’s your move.


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