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Use your Email to Highlight your Business and Help Customers!

Use your Email to Highlight your Business and Help Customers!

by Heidi Springstube

If you are reading this, you might possibly be a business owner, maybe someone in sales or marketing, or you could just be looking for some guidance with your advertising and email branding. If I’m correct, keep reading for some valuable information!

First, a few questions for you to think about:

  • How much time and money do you invest in building your business? Oftentimes businesses use a variety of platforms for advertising, ranging from print ads or direct mail to online marketing.
  • How many emails do you send a day to your customers/clients? If you are anything like us, you most likely send a lot!
  • What does YOUR email look like that you send to your customers? Do you have all of the necessary information for clients in your email so they can easily contact you, view your social media sites, phone number(s) and fax?
  • Last question, does your team send emails to your clients, how many times do they email a day?


Now, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the 4 C’s of email branding.


When it comes to email branding, consistency is key! If you are trying to set up your company to be profitable, why not use your email as a tool for just that. You can highlight your business through your email and make it stand out from the other emails in an inbox. This makes you and your business a memorable one for your customers. As an added bonus, you can set your whole office up to use it as well, with every outgoing email personalized and consistent with you and your brand! This way, your whole team will relay any type of message you are trying to convey to your buyers! This creates a fully compliant atmosphere for your company, which in turn becomes a worry free situation for you!


You can literally put ALL of your company information at the fingertips for your audience to click. It has never been this simple to connect clients to your social media, address, map links, fax, phone numbers and website with the click of the send button. If you make life easier on them, they will respect you for it and use it as well. It’s a FREE way to advertise for you and your business, why not use it!


Another way to personalize your email is to add a photo of yourself. Clients appreciate this, especially if they are “meeting” you for the first time. Click here to get some more info on the importance of photos. Clients are and should be the number one reason you are doing what you do! Your clients are what keep your business going. Most businesses out there put their customers as their number one priority; why not make them feel appreciated where you can!


Cost is often important to clients when purchasing products for advertising. Many of the bigger companies can afford to spend millions of dollars a year on their advertising, which is very beneficial to those individuals who work for those companies. However, if you do not have a big backer, you are left to fight for your moment in the spotlight. You may not have a large budget set aside for this purpose, so why not take advantage of the resources you already have. Most companies have and use email, why wouldn’t you put it to work!

For more information to get you started on Branding YOUR message, Click Here!

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