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One of the Best Parts of my Business Day Occurs After 5PM copy

One of the Best Parts of my Business Day Occurs After 5PM copy

I help answer the phones and emails after the Sales and the Design Center Support teams have left for the day.

Each call or email is different.

Most of the time, our customers are responding to correspondence from our efficient post-sales and production team. Each customer order is custom made, and goes through an eight-step process until software installation is complete, so numerous emails are usually required. Over the months, I have had the pleasure of learning the voices of many of our repeat customers. I feel they are part of our extended Brand My Email family.

The other correspondence is inquiries from prospects seeking information about our five sales toolsblogging-336376_1280 . My role is to answer their questions and ensure the potential customers are passed along to our Sales team.

The ABSOLUTE BEST part of this time is asking marketing research questions to confirm our message is clear or if it needs to be tweaked; or having “brain storming” conversations about possible new interactive media branding products.

The idea for the latest version of our email signature branding product was conceived during one of these conversations.

A field agent from a Fortune 100 insurance customer called and asked if his Property and Casualty Insurance email signature eLetterhead and eReplier could be modified for use in his rapidly expanding financial services business. I took the idea to the talented specialists in our Design Center who created a mock-up, we pitched the proposed product prototype to the customer’s corporate marketing executives who worked with us to ensure complete financial and corporate brand compliance……and a new product for the financial services industry was born.

Fun, fun, fun! It doesn’t get much better than getting ideas from your customers, brain storming with the team to create product prototypes, market testing the final product, and then rolling it out.

As Brand My Email continues to grow, we will ensure that every company associate in some way, shape, or form spends time and effort corresponding with our customers to ensure we offer them the best in industry service while at the same time learning from them.

Plus…having fun along the way.

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