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Why Aren’t You Using Business Signatures in Your Email?

Why Aren’t You Using Business Signatures in Your Email?

How many emails do you send every day? If you’re like most sales professionals such as an insurance agent, you send dozens, and may even hundreds, of emails to clients and prospects. How do you sign those emails? Do you have a professional email signature that conveys your message and establishes your brand? Or do you end the email casually, perhaps with just your name?

If you’re not using business email signatures, you could be missing a big opportunity. Each of those emails is a point of communication. It’s a chance to convey your message and further establish your personal brand and your agency or company’s brand. Your email signature – or lack of one – tells the message recipient a lot about you and your business.


Here are three ways business signatures help you strengthen your brand with clients:

  1. They present an image.When you’re meeting with a client in person, you probably know that they base their opinion of you more on your non-verbal ¬†communication rather than the words you use. The same is true in an email. The content of your email is important, but so is your grammar, style, and tone.

    Your business signature plays into that. A professional and clean appearance can convey a business-like focused attitude. A good headshot picture is a must. Using a company slogan or a funny quote will present a little more personality. Use your email signature to show your client who YOU are.

  2. They provide valuable information. Think about how you use email. How many times have you searched for an email from someone so you can grab their phone number off their signature? Your clients are no different. They use your signature to get information.

    Don’t just stop at phone number either. Business signatures can be used to pass along links to your blog, location, social media accounts, and other important information.

  3. They make your agency or company consistent. Business signatures can be really powerful when they’re used across your entire business in a consistent fashion. Have everyone from yourself to your coworkers and even to your assistants, use the same format. That will help establish a consistent and professional company brand.

These may seem like little things, but they can have profound effects. Take a fresh look at your email signature to improve your brand and communications.

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