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Email Branding Isn’t Just For Big Corporations Anymore

Email Branding Isn’t Just For Big Corporations Anymore

Every business uses emails for communication both within the organization and with customers. Who doesn’t follow up on email these days? We all know that email is the most efficient way to keep in touch with existing customers. Email also helps us with lead generation, something every business, however big or small, needs.

One specific thing that has eluded most small businesses is the email signatures. For a long time, these small businesses have had to sit back and watch as corporations reaped the benefits that come with what are now commonly known as signature line branding. The trend is starting to change, and now favors the small businesses as they are realizing that they can cost effectively send branded emails even on smaller budgets.

The main problem for small businesses was limited resources. With small budgets and so many needs, all the money is already spent before you even think about funding your email campaigns. However, these businesses are realizing that with a little bit of organization, they can easily match the big corporations.newark-248044_1280

One way of achieving success through being organized is to invest in being consistent. Instead of trying new ideas now and then and picking up expensive technologies as they unravel, you can invest in consistency for a fraction of the cost. And email signatures are a great way to exercise this consistency.

Consider an insurance company with several independent agents. There is need for each agent to market the insurance company but at the same time each agent will want to market their individual trades. If this is a small insurance company, there is a possibility that both the company and the individual agents aren’t blessed with unlimited resources yet. So what they would do is to agree that in all marketing campaigns and every engagement, if you’re using email then you must include an email signature at the bottom of the email.

For even better results, the insurance company can encourage every agent to place links to the company’s social media profiles on the signature line. They may even agree to put photos that help with corporate branding on the signature line and follow that up by using ONLY company colors with matching font and layout. It hardly costs a dime but the potential benefits for the company are huge!

If you could send an email to a client or potential client, add in your brand, your photo, and other information, why wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

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