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Save Time By Creating Email Signature Templates

Save Time By Creating Email Signature Templates

Save Time By Using Email “Signature Templates” For Branding

Emailing is one of the most common means of communicating today. Whether it is for communicating with potential/current clients, suppliers and partners or between work associates, the use of emails in the business world is firmly entrenched.

For a large organization or one that is growing fast or one perhaps with offices in different locations, emailing can result in some challenges. One of the challenges is consistent branding. Different offices may use different fonts, colors, images and messages while communicating with clients and other stakeholders. This is likely to result in diluting any ongoing branding efforts. Email signature templates can help.


Benefits of email signature templates

Templates ensure that emails being sent on behalf of the organization are brand-positive instead of brand-negative. Increased consistency, better graphics and proper use of fonts results in a better brand image which in turn improves professionalism, aesthetic appeal and customer trust.

They are also a great way to ensure all personnell and offices follow corporate branding and design.

This leaves the people working there free to do more productive work as compared to determining if the logo fits well in the email.

In addition to saving time, it improves branding, making any recipient know of your brand and become a more likely prospective client.

By using email signature templates, you are building better relationships with prospective and current clients.

They are able to determine immediately which organization is contacting them.

Combined with other customer engagement practices such as sending them relevant content, it ensures if they need services or products, they will turn to you.

Features of professional email signature templates

  • The logo is clearly and prominently displayed
  • Has contact information in a clearly legible format
  • Should have URLs that are clickable
  • All the information on the signature should be easy to read
  • Should be used consistently in every office/agency

Email branding has all the benefits of conventional branding. It increases the brand recognition, brand identity, differentiates you from your competitors and increases your firm’s worth through brand equity.

Ensure that email use within your organization is consistent with corporate branding efforts.

These are just a few tips we have to create engaging email branding emails. Want to get more information so you can make the best decision about email branding?

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